A - helping - hand

Humanicrobotic has entered the lab!

Rock? What’s with the strange outfit?

[Roll groans, rubbing her eyes.] 

I think I’m just overtired… 

There… I set up sheets on the couch and made it into a bed for Amy…

Now I can… I can…

[Ka- THUMP! Poor Roll’s run out of energy…]

Nngh… I went for an E-Tank, and there aren’t any. I’m going to have to run to the store tomorrow… But I’m so exhausted after cleaning….

[Roll collapses onto the couch.]

Who’s getting married? 


See, there ya go… 

[Amy gives Roll a little squeeze, then releases her and returns to her cloth.] 

…Blues? I’ve heard that name before somewhere, I think… Since when did you have another brother? 

Actually, he was built before Rock and I…

[She rubs her arm.] 

Dr. Light kept him a secret, though.


[Amy’s ears droop as she listens to Roll’s story and watches her expression get more and more upset. Someone had hurt Roll? Ooooh, they’d best hope they didn’t run into Amy anytime soon, or she’d reduce ‘em to scrap metal! …Or be in for a world of hurt if they were organic. 

At first Amy looks a little confused at the mention of the two Mega Busters, but pieces it together quickly enough— her brother probably couldn’t handle that, but still decided to take out whatever that thing causing the blackout was anyways… And Wily was involved, but apparently not the cause? After all, he would’ve left Rock to rust. 

…But wouldn’t he have done that anyways? He’d have his number one archnemesis taken care of! He could’ve done as he pleased! Amy sighs, shaking her head. She’ll talk to Dr. Light about it later. For now, she’d better comfort Roll. 

She sets the cloth aside, crossing over to pull the taller robot into a hug.]

Roll… Y’ can’t think like that, hon. The important thing is that y’ did save him. He’s okay now. It’s over, right…? Sitting there worrying about all these silly what-ifs won’t getcha anywhere, and it’ll only make Rock sad, too.

So cheer up, okay? Everything’s gonna be fine now! 

…Can I ask who attacked you guys, though? Before the blackout started.

[Roll returns the hug and wipes away her tears, nodding as a small smile came to her face.] 

U-Uh huh. Everything’s alright…

[She lets out a sigh, relaxing again.] 

Before the blackout started? Dr. Light thinks it might be Blues, my brother.



"…Robots?" Sonic said, tensing up a little. "Eh…sorry. It’s just robots an’ I don’t get along very well back home. You wouldn’t happen to know someone called Doctor Eggman, would ya?"


[Roll scratches her neck, looking away.] 

Long story short, the guy kidnapped my dad and Amy awhile ago.


-And said glass is quickly downed in a second, the hedgehog licking his muzzle when emptied-

"Ah root beer! My favorite! So whatcha do around here?"

[If you were her brother, Sonic, Roll would swat you because of your manners, or lack thereof.] 

Well, my dad is really well known in the field of robotics. He builds robots to help humans do the jobs that can’t do safely! Those jobs range from forestry management to helping in nuclear power plants, and everything in between! I help him out with the building and repairing of those robots, which are called Robot Masters. 


The hedgehog pulls out the said ring from his quills, holding it out for the other to see. “Oh yeah! Keep forgettin’ that’s what they’re called. An’ y’know Amy? Cool!” 

-Pauses as he thinks-

"Soda, if you got any!" 

Yeah, I think we have soda!

[Roll leaves, returning with a glass.] 

Here you go!


[Amy’s noticed that, and frowns herself, watching her adoptive sister for a moment before finding something to clean. Before long she’s got a cloth in hand and is wiping down any hard surfaces that could use it.]

Yeah, I’ve heard… There was a global blackout or whatever, right? 


I couldn’t contact you guys at all, and what’s worse is that I’ve been hearing that a lot of stuff happened to you, Roll. Are you okay…? What happened? Dad wouldn’t tell me… 

Oh! Yeah, I’m totally okay now! But right as the the global blackout started, I took a hit meant for Rock and it damaged me pretty badly… Dad couldn’t fix me until after the global blackout. 

[Roll’s forced smile fades, and her voice becomes a bit shaky.] 

After that, I thought things were going to be okay, b-but… Then we learned that in order to stop the global blackout, Rock had to use two megabusters to defeat thing causing the blackout. Wily brought him home, but poor Rock was so damaged a-and I was so scared… W-What if we couldn’t save him?

[Roll grips the broom tighter, and sniffles, unable to stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks.]